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Guided, blessed, and mentored by his Guru(s), Aditya has undergone a transformation into a Conscious Sadak, assuming a central role within Pragya Trust. Initiating his spiritual journey at a young age, he is now poised to share the transformative teachings instilled in him. As a permanent resident of Varanasi, Aditya maintains consistent connections with spiritual traditions both within and beyond the realm of Sanathana Dharma. His profound knowledge encompasses practical wisdom from Vedantic and Upanishadic traditions, complemented by the core traditional practices of Tantra Sadhana. This comprehensive understanding empowers him to reach the pinnacle of practical knowledge, facilitating the transformation of lives through efficient methods tailored for the modern era, all while upholding the fundamental values of Sanathana Dharma. These knowledge-sharing endeavors are not solely intended to aid others; Aditya considers them his personal spiritual practice and a means of repaying the Rishi-Rin (ऋषि ऋण - the debt to the Rishis). Repayment of this debt involves reading and learning the scriptures, as well as imparting the acquired knowledge to others. Regular interactions and selfless service to high spiritual masters have not only garnered Aditya their blessings but have also endowed him with a lifetime of skills and knowledge. Workshops organized by Pragya Trust incorporate these invaluable teachings from traditional masters. Recognizing the crucial role of a balanced, harmonious, and physically-mentally stable life in the exploration of consciousness, Aditya emphasizes the importance of compassion towards all beings on Earth. Pragya Trust is committed to addressing these aspects and collaborates with like-minded organizations and individuals who share the vision of a compassionate spiritual journey. Together, they strive to make a positive impact on the world and contribute to the collective well-being of humanity.

Activities Of Pragya Trust

The exploration of consciousness, its practical applications, and appreciation has been pursued by various communities, religious traditions, and the scientific community, among others. Although they all engage in dialogue, each has its own unique process, procedure, and approach.

At Pragya Trust, we have been trained in and practice a specific approach to exploring consciousness as outlined in Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Therefore, we adhere to this approach in our activities.

Sanatan Dharma's approach to consciousness is distinct. While the theory that everything is matter has been challenged, it has been established that both matter and energy exist. However, there is ongoing debate about whether consciousness is a byproduct of matter and energy or if consciousness itself manifests as matter and energy.

In Sanatan Dharma, it is postulated that everything is consciousness, known as pragya. The path outlined in Sanatan Dharma encompasses various techniques, which we summarize into six steps:

Sahajawastha: Cultivating a state of natural awareness.

Dhyan dharana: Engaging in meditation and concentration practices.

Yog Pranayam: Utilizing breath control techniques.

Jap: Reciting mantras or sacred sounds repetitively.

Swadhyay n Path: Studying and reflecting on spiritual texts.

Yatra: Embarking on pilgrimages or spiritual journeys.

We do not rank these techniques or claim that one is superior to another. Each technique is unique and its effectiveness varies from person to person. For example, while meditation is often perceived as a higher or quicker practice than pilgrimage, for some individuals, pilgrimage may be more beneficial.

Courses at Pragya Trust are designed with a subjective approach, emphasizing experiential learning. We believe that spiritual information should come from personal experience rather than mere theoretical knowledge. However, we recognize that subjective experiences can be fallible and lack precision. Therefore, our courses aim to balance experiential learning with structured processes to ensure a precise and deep understanding of spirituality.

Acivities Of Pragya Trust