Aditya Anand


Considered as a spiritual friend by many and as a teacher by some, Aditya is a unique combination of Simplicity and Intelligence.

He is  a teacher, householder, facilitator of knowledge, meditation instructor, disciple, practitioner, all at the same time.


 I am none of these and all of these at the same time. I am beyond of these and basis of all these personas. 

And dont be surprised. So you are.

From a young age Aditya showed different characteristics.

He was introduced to religious life by the people around him. A priest in the temple, his grand parents, his mother, all had an influence on him in some way or another.

Suddenly at age of 8, I realized that I lost something.  It was loss of “a pure sense of one-self”  which was there when I was young. I didn't knew what to do.

What can you do about loss of  something so subtle? This loss happens with many people. Most of them don't  even realize it.

He tried to get it back through many methods. He undertook a serious study, inquiry and exploration.

It was during these times that some people would not respond to his inquiry properly. Most of them, though they posed as being wise, didn't even  got the point. During these moments of despair he would promise that  he would share whatever knowledge he acquired.

Some of these people would behave strange. I was quite young. Such questions would perhaps put them in corner. They pretended as if they knew but didn't want to answer because I didn't deserve to know. But fact was that they didn't know. They pretended as if my questions didn't matter.

These were my genuine inquiry. However stupid it looked, it mattered for me.

I made promise that I will not hide if I knew. I will not pretend if I didn't knew.I will not confuse, but I will share.

I will free the minds, as much as I can. I will not let minds suffers in conflict, in doubt as much as I can.

During this time he started meditating consciously and seriously. The environment at boarding school was conducive to it. These rigorous practices of meditation and inquiry gave rise to many experiences.

It was days of inquiry, of suspicion, doubts, conflicts and coming face to face with mind.

During these time, he would visit many people and places of spiritual importance. This rigorous practice was not looking for something completely unknown. It was looking for something he knew but couldn't gain access to.

When asked

Oho, the experiences are not important. Its the experiencer, or better to say lack of difference between the two, that understanding.

On that day, I was meditating. I was letting my thought go.Suddenly, the realizations came that one which is controlling this process is also thought only. The person, the mediator , is a mere thought. Let it pass.

A kind of silence dawned upon. It is not the silence in some ordinary sense. The whole universe rests with it. I became aware of it, It became aware of me. I knew that my life cant be same from that moment.

The next couple of years was spent living into it. Then it became impossible to continue life in an ordinary way. He needed space to deepen the experiences.

At the age of 16, he finally left home. The next few years were spent in Varanasi, Thiruvannamalai, Dharmashala, Haridwar, Kamakhya and a host of other places of spiritual importance where he both practiced and learned of a number of sects and traditions.

During these time, I was not searching something. I was just experiencing and exploring the different possible methods to get connected to that. It was great time. Wonderful wanderings

Later, he started living in a fixed place. Since then, he has been sharing and imparting knowledge in different ways, silently

Different people have different reactions when they meet him. People meeting with him may experience certain words of life changing wisdom or a transformative  silent experience.

I do not say I am enlighten or something like that. I am in the flow and to assist others in coming or driving through the flow is a part of my practice.

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