Sri Krishna Kumar Kashyap Ji is a modern day Rishi-Seer.

Starting his work 50 years back, at the age of 15, to train people into “Earn While Learn”, he stumbled upon Mithila Painting.

Mithila Painting is a unique style of Painting prevelent in Mithila region Of Bihar, India. This region is quiet rich culturally, and it has a history of being seat of Learning and Spirituality. In these areas, Painting were done traditionally on the walls of home for beatification. They were  also meant for  bringing peace, prosperity and auspiciousness. These Paintings depicts the scenes from religious history of India like that  of Rama and Krishna. They also depict the Simple as well as Complex geometric structures with deeper symbolic meanings for different festival as well as occasions. For example Paintings are done  on sixth/twelth day of child-birth for longevity of child , on occasion of marriage for fertility etc.

There have been many famous and recognised people of Mithila Style of Painting, who earned wealth and fame for themselves. They are artists.

The unique contribution of Kashyap Ji lies in two things.

First, by systemizing  the Learning Of Mithila Painting for anyone who wants to learn it. Thus he is an Artist as well as a pioneer Teacher of Mithila Art.

Second, the Mithila Painting was an object of Art, to be bought and used by Art Lovers only for sake of Art. He started commercialization by Painting them on utility Items. For example Paintings were made on Sarees, Shawls, Pillow Covers, Bedsheets, Shirts, T-Shirts etc. Thus someone even with a little art inclination would buy them for Sake Of Art as well as Utility. This increased the demand in diverse fields thereby creating more job for small Mithila Painting Artists, most of them  are household women.

These women are mostly from very humble background with no access to higher education or even an opportunity to get a formal course in mithila painting.

They can’t leave their house to seek formal training.

Understanding their need, he has developed and designed books from very elementary level to higher level. These books are starting from How to draw a straight line and curves,  to different geometrical patterns to complex facial expressions.

These books are highly beneficial for women working at home. They  do Mithila Painting and add income to family or even become self-dependent. For them, books are the only way they can learn painting, having no opportunity to leave their home and have a formal course. These books are like learn-yourself Guides.

These books were published by him and were sold instantly. Apart from his little royalty that he needs to keep his humblest expenses going and printing cost, books are kept at minimum price. There are many number of occasions where a keen student is not able to afford that price also, so free distribution are made. The books finished.


Seeing the great utility of books The Pragya Trust wanted to get the books re-published.

As the personal teacher to Trustees’ as well as our mentor This would be an Expression of Gratitude Towards him.







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