About The Resources Here

Most of these Resources are Meant For Readers to assimilate. The information given here are general in nature.

In our journey towards evolution, one may not need just a single set of information and discipline. It depends upon our psychological state, that who needs what to grow.

In this Pages One will find things from Different tradition and systems to suit for different mind sets.


The word "Medi" is the root which is similarly used as in medicine and meditation. "Medi" means "To heal", To be healthy.


The Word "Ved" means Knowledge. " Anta" is crust of it.

Vedanta means Crust Of all Knowledge


Tantra has two meaning " Tanoti Trayati Iti". To Expand Or To Protect.

The skillful means that helps One expand his consciousness is tantra.  Or The skillful means that helps one Protect from Ignorance, attachment, negativity is tantra.

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