“Selflessness in not an idea in the Mind. It’s an action”

On our path of Spirituality, we are concerned with my goodness, my becoming a better person, taking care of my thoughts and try to go beyond my mind.

So far so good.

We should be focused on our objective.

In proceding thus, people may reach their aim.

But most of us and more often miss something, with this attitude.

This idea of “my thought and my freedoms”, grips one so strongly that this aim to free onesrlf becomes a pain.

Sometimes we find people who are so concerned with just themselves, that this very thing doesn’t let them grow.

Seva or Sharing comes in help.

Sharing happens when one feels one has extra. And this is also psychologically true that if one starts sharing, one sees the abundance in himself.

(To be Continued…)




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