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Ajay: Sometimes we use meditation in the service of the personality structure. But the role of meditation is not to strengthen this structure, but to deconstruct it, to see through it and not to let it run our life.

The goal of meditation is removing any systematic understanding, and reaching wider understanding, which is not through any system. Prior to meditation there can be various techniques for connectedness, but meditation is more dropping, being in touch with the essence of who we are. It is both a technique and a place of resting.

Meditation as a practice helps us see that our minds are very busy in several areas. Many different priorities are flashing in our minds at the same time, and we are in a state of indecisiveness: which one to follow. So there is conflict, since we have a body and hands that can follow only one thing at a time, and our mind has multiple directions. That creates difficulty as to which act to take. So one aspect of practicing meditation is really reducing priorities, which makes us clearer in our life.

Questioner: Another aspect of meditation is concentration. Concentration can be very useful in achieving worldly things, in getting on and performing. We can also be charged and empowered by concentration, as we don't spend unnecessary energy, so it helps with charging and recharging.

Concentration is basically control of the mind. I actually don't call mediation that, but it's generally thought of that way, so I accept that.

Ajay: But this is for worldly use of meditation, a very useful tool for worldly achievements. There's another aspect of meditation which is to dive in, really dive in into life. Life as we know it is probably only around 1/9th percent; this is the part that we call 'human intelligence', and through it we know life. The other 8/9th percents of life are under it all, or covered, and meditation can be used to dive into this part. A whole different realm of life appears through that. What we see, the 1/9th layer, is only the upper layer, like the skin, and below the skin, as we know, is the whole full body aliveness. So similarly, below this is the whole area of life which is very much unknown.

Q: And through meditation we can access this place.

Ajay: Meditation opens the door for this 8/9th of life, and then several kinds of experiences may come, and we have to be careful about them. I may have one experience and then speak from the memory of this experience, without really going into the experience again. Memory has this fading quality, so the more I will keep on talking about it, the less effective I will be. It will be more effective and helpful if I can go to the experience again, and speak from there. These experiences, which arise in meditation, also pass, because experience is two activities in the same realm. For instance, if my hand is in this position and is doing something, this will create an experience…

Q: So it takes two? We need duality to experience anything.

Ajay: Without duality experience is not possible. The whole realm of experiencing is dual. And then, when experience ends, duality rejoins (really it was already one but had become dual). And then we say that we've became one, or found oneness. Very fresh life is always available in this place, and you don't have to look for this freshness through experience. Meditation can greet us at the door of the 8/9th, and the whole process can really find us one, where Aliveness is lighting all the time, and you don't need experiences anymore to be alive.

Experience gives us a very alive feeling, so this duality is useful: the Aliveness comes. But it also goes away. That's why experiences are good – but not enough. We know Aliveness through experience. Many times we say, "Inner knowing happened" – how did it happen? Because of this Aliveness. But then when experience disappears – Aliveness also disappears. In meditation we dig and dig and then Aliveness appears, without experience. We dig beyond the experience, where Aliveness is inspite of experience. There's a place which is Aliveness, but it's beyond the experience; then it's neither going nor coming.

Q & A with Sri Ajay Pal Singh


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