Frequently asked questions

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Who is Pragya Trust?

Pragya Trust is a group of people offering teachings pointing to The Truth.

The Truth is beyond any setup or organization, however in order to impart the truth some structure is needed. Pragya Trust provides that structure.

Our aim at Pragya is to give a little shape to a shapeless reality, to make it graspable.

Similarly, we are committed to create and organise material and resources which will be useful in the discovery of truth.

Registered with the Government, its a Trust of people committed to organising teachings as well as providing the material resources  and environment needed to practice the teachings.

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to provide information about Pragya; to provide resources for people to access, and to provide an online presence and access point for those interested in our organisation.

Why is there an emphasis on sharing knowledge?

“A greedy person tends to hoard what they value.
A generous person tends to share the things they value.”

As a practice of generosity we put an emphasis on the sharing of knowledge.
At Pragya what we value most is the Truth, so we offer to share this knowledge to those seeking for it.

What is your motive in sharing knowledge?

In our journey to reality, at times, we were deprived of authentic and compassionate guidance. At other times, we were very fortunate to get it.

Our own experience of the deprivation of authentic and compassionate guidance drives us to share knowledge so that others might find understanding.

Life has been generous in giving us knowledge. Our gratitiude for this then drives us to be generous and make the effort to share what we know.

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