If you’re attending any program run by Pragya Trust please follow any reasonable requests by the Teachers or Managers. An example of such requests are that you attend any event such as a scheduled talk, class or meditation on time (preferably arrive a few minutes early), that you dress appropriately for the venue you are in. and that you remove your shoes before entering the meditation hall. Generally speaking our events are pretty relaxed, and if we ask you to do something that is required for the overall functioning of the group and for maintaining a workable environment your cooperation is expected and appreciated.

Participants are responsible for looking after their own personal belongings. Even though you might be in an Ashram or a Monastery things can still go missing, and Pragya Trust does not accept liability for any loss or damage of items. So if you’re on retreat please lock your door when you leave your room, and if you are attending a talk, meditation or other event only bring what you need and please take responsibility for looking after it. It’s rare that something goes missing but please use common sense and take normal precautions with your belongings.

If you’re attending any yoga or meditation program please don’t undertake strenuous physical or mental activities without first seeking medical advice if you have concerns over your physical or mental condition. In any interaction it is your responsibility to ensure that your own health and personal boundaries are maintained and respected. Please use common sense.

Pragya Trust or an affiliate may record audio/video or take photos of talks, meditations and other programs and make them available online. We record these events so those that did attend can replay the talks and meditations, and so those not at the event can still participate online. The focus of this media is on the teachers and not the participants, but there may be some incidental recording of those that attend. By attending a program you are agreeing that you may be included in these recordings.

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